Gratitude blossoms like a colorful flowers on earth.

Try to dead silk, ended.candles burn. Our teacher is the first to be grateful. Her to work day and night, the day so spectacular, so we can better absorption. A minute on stage, the audience ten years work. Teacher, and spent a lot of energy, night, we really worry for the teacher canthus wrinkles, and to the health of the tire hit the teacher concerned.

On one occasion, in our homework, the teacher in correcting a composition. After a while, there are things out of the teacher, a bold classmate see composition, on him a long time, and come down, eyes well up with tears. He told us that the teacher on the composition, word for word reading, write typo circle, beside write correct. Changes in our unidiomatic written statements, write a good sentence is modified, let us remember. Finally still behind the composition writing comments, point out our shortcomings and advantages. The teacher cared more about us! Many care for us!

People around everywhere need to thank, the teacher on how deep our kindness, this seemingly ordinary things, but on the teachers hope. We grew up under the cultivation of teacher, the teacher is not anything in return, it doesnt take our gratitude?

Let us learn to Thanksgiving, with excellent grades to repay teachers kindness to us!








At the beginning of the 17th century, in order to avoid persecution, the British Puritans fled to North America in a wooden sailing boat called the Mayflower.


In the first winter after they came to America, many people died of hunger and disease. After a winter, only more than 50 people survived. Thanks to the generous help of Indian chiefs, they learned how to raise turkeys, grow all kinds of crops and hunt.


In this year, with the guidance and help of the Indians, the immigrants got a good harvest, finally broke through the difficulties of life and lived a stable and wealthy life. In the autumn of this year, there was a grand ceremony to thank God for his care, which was the first Thanksgiving.


At Thanksgiving, I sincerely wish you all the best.


During Thanksgiving activities, I did many things, help mom and dad to help dad with a with slippers, help my mother sweep a sweeping the floor, pour out the trash, I also did a lot of things.

I used to think of sweeping the street cleaners work is bad, but I now know, cleaner can give me a very beautiful and clean living environment, so I want to develop good health habits, don't litter, can also reduce their labor.

I would also like to thank the police uncle every day is that they are erected in the center of the intersection to direct traffic, because without them we would not have good traffic, but also a lot of people death, I well abide by traffic regulations.

The teacher is my most need to thank, because they taught me to be a man of truth, and all kinds of knowledge, I want to be in the teacher's teaching, to learn earnestly, grow up to do as the teacher.

I also want to mom and dad said: "thanks!" I must study well with excellent achievement to repay their parents for raising me.







如何度过感恩节 --How to spend Thanksgiving festival?

When I was in the United States of America,I had attended a private thanksgiving party at friend‘s home.

There were all Americans besides me,one pastor who was 72 years old,he was a very nice and kind man.There was one thing and some words that I would never forgot it,the words was that "don't forget people who had helped you." The one thing was that "you have to help people who really needs help.Don't be a selfish person." At the Thanksgiving festival party,I was not only enjoyed the American foods and met lots of friends,but also learned the true in life.Therefore,I keep the words and one thing in my mind :Don't be a selfish person,I try to help people who really need help.




We are supposed to express our gratitude to others on Thanksgiving Day. However, we should feel gratitude every day.

God has two dwellings, one in heaven, and the other in a meek and thankful heart. Be grateful to others is a way to show your love. In our daily life, we often receive help from our parents, friends, colleagues and strangers. Perhaps it is a little thing, pick up the pen you drop, lift a heavy box for you or offer you a seat in the bus. We should be thankful to them for whatever they have done. The more love you give, the more love you receive.

A sense of gratitude can acknowledging our interdependent existence. You will be ready to help others if you have a thankful heart. Therefore, a thankful heart is like a magnet. Not only will we attract more things to be grateful for, but also we will attract gratitude from others. “give thanks a little and you will find a lot.”

Gratitude is heaven itself. A sense of gratitude and indebtedness to others is and important wellspring of a generous and virtuous life. We now fall into a busy life, neglecting to be grateful for details, the beauty of nature, the comforts of modern living ,the love of parents and so on. People can notice these details and realize the friendship, love and happiness in our life with a grateful heart.






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